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December 20, 2019: Climate strikes, partnerships and using worker capital to tackle environmental issues: Issue #2

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About the committee

The BCGEU has long recognized that a healthy environment is essential to the well-being and prosperity of all working people and their communities. At the same time, BCGEU members are increasingly concerned about environmental issues and the effects of climate change. In 2005, the union struck the Provincial Executive Environment Committee to examine environmental issues in B.C. and across Canada. Through this work, the committee seeks to contribute to better environmental stewardship and climate change solutions, as well as support a just transition as the world moves to more sustainable methods of production.

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What we are working on

The BCGEU has spoken out on numerous environmental issues, calling for strong climate action, more investment in B.C.’s parks, and sustainable management of our natural resources. We have taken strong positions on energy, including opposing the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, the Site C dam and hydraulic fracturing – also known as fracking. The union also works to reduce its own energy consumption and began measuring its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint. In 2017 the union released the BCGEU Energy Policy Paper which outlines its approach to energy policy, explores current issues and identifies next steps while recognizing the diverse perspectives of BCGEU members.

The committee’s 2017 – 2020 mandate focuses on three overarching issues: water protection, clean energy and a just transition. As we move forward, updates and opportunities to get involved will be posted here.


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