Who we are


Pictured above (L to R): Megan Scott, Bronwen Barnett, Dave Cherry, Chris Walker, Hack Waldon, DJ Pohl, Laurie Proudfoot, James Coccola, Chris Jack

James Coccola, Chair
Chris Jack (Local 104)
Lana Vincent (Local 1003)
Roy Scafe (Local 310)
DJ Pohl (Local 1204)
Dave Cherry (Local 402)
Chris Walker (Local 2002)
Lara Stroud (Local 512)
Hack Waldon (Local 2010)
Laurie Proudfoot (Local 809)
Megan Scott, Secretary
Bronwen Barnett, Assistant Secretary

Questions about the committee, what we’re working on, or how to get involved? Email bronwen.barnett@bcgeu.ca